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Created on 2009-05-01 12:06:02 (#163243), last updated 2012-09-07 (345 weeks ago)

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Real Person Fiction

This is your one stop shop for fiction/fan art about Real People, whether they be actors, musicians, sports figures, pundits or politicians. Also included is cross-over fiction between real people and fictional characters. As such, I think it's pretty explanatory as to what is welcome here.

What isn't welcome here. Telling the writers/artists that RPF is A Bad Thing. Seriously, we've heard it before.

Please put any fiction larger than a drabble, and large or NSFW images behind cut tags.

Interests (10):

actor fic, bandom, lotrips, musician fic, political fic, popslash, pundit fic, rpf, rps, sport figure fic
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